Labor Day weekend

| 0 comments | Sunday, September 13, 2009

It was nice to finally have a 3 day weekend for Labor Day (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday). That's why I don't mind having my day off on Tuesday cuz every time there's a holiday on Monday, I have a 3 day weekend. Elisa was in the mood for some sushi, so we hit up Sakana Bune in the Richmond district.

It's a typical sushi boat restaurant, and the prices are too bad.

One of the things we also wanted to do was check out the Asian Art Museum near City Hall cuz there was a Samurai exhibit.

We don't really have much pictures inside cuz photography was very limited and not allowed in the samurai section, so we didn't really bother to take pictures. There were tea ceremonies at certain times, but we missed it.

I've always driven by Beach Chalet but never tried it, so I thought it would be nice to end our 3 day weekend at a new restaurant.

The downstairs lobby is pretty neat cuz they have the history of Golden Gate Park and a little mini display of the whole park. The semi dim-lit ambiance is pretty nice for casual dining, and you get a GREAT view of the beach. Unfortunately, we went on a cloudy day, but wish we went on a sunny day so we could watch the sun set over the horizon.

We started off with an appetizer, the Ahi Tuna Tartare (sp?). It was delicious and the sauce was nice and creamy.

For the entree, I ordered the baby back ribs, which was pretty good. It had a nice tangy flavor covered in BBQ sauce, but the fries weren't all that and they gave me WAY too much coleslaw. I'm not particularly fond of coleslaw, but I'll still eat a little. One third of the plate of coleslaw is a bit much though.

My Elisa ordered the salmon, which was full of flavor and juicy. A lot of salmon that I've tried taste good, but was usually a bit dry. The only thing I didn't like about her plate was that the portion was hella small and would take 3 orders of that to fill me up. Thankfully, my girlfriend doesn't eat much and was enough to fill her up though.

So we ordered 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and 2 drinks...the bill came out to be $70 (tips included). That's a little pricier than I would have hoped for a casual dinner. All in all, it was a pretty good restaurant, nice waitresses, but too expensive for a casual dinner.

I definitely enjoyed my 3 day weekend, nothing crazy...just a relaxing weekend with the wifey. I can't wait for:


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it's also my birthday! The annual Spirit Halloween store is open and me and Elisa stepped in to browse around. I ended up buying a Chinese hat with the queue hair. I'm thinking about going to Chinatown and getting a kung fu outfit, or a silk robe. I really want to go as a Chinese hopping Vampire.

That robe might be pricey, and if it's outta my price range, I'm just gunna stick with the kung fu outfit instead. Elisa has a curfew and can't go out to the clubs or anything (not like she drinks anyways), but she saw a costume that she loves and had to buy it. It's basically the girl version of Willy Wonka. Can't wait! 48 more days 'til Halloween...

New School, New Attitude

| 0 comments | Friday, September 4, 2009

I haven't updated my blog in a while, so I thought I'd do a quick update. I've been too busy playing video games this summer cuz I have to enjoy my last free summer for a while. I'm finally going to SF State as of this Fall semester and shooting to graduate in 2 years. I'm really stepping up my game and getting on top of all my classes. I'm trying to do all my homework as soon as possible, so I don't end up procrastinating.

October 7 is just around the corner, which means that me and Elisa will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary! We had reservations at Fleur de Lys in the city, but decided to change our restaurant to Bella Vista in Woodside instead. It looks really nice and it's surrounded by the woods and has a great view of the bay.

I can't wait! I think it's starting to be a tradition that we take studio pictures for our anniversary and we're gunna get all dressed up. I copied Ne-Yo's outfit from Keri Hilson's "Knock You Down" music video where he's singing his solo part. I got the bowler hat and everything! Well, I'm tired from doing alotta homework tonight, so I'm call it a night...zzzz....

103rd floor glass balcony (Sears Tower)

| 0 comments | Thursday, July 2, 2009

This shit look scary! It's a glass room suspended above the ground 1,353 feet. I would be pretty damn scared to take that first step! Whoever thought that just walking into a room would be so scary?!

If I'm ever in Chicago (which I probably won't be planning on it), I'm definitely gunna check this out!

Pho Challenge

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So me and a couple of my friends thought we try this one pho restaurant (Pho Garden on Clement and 23rd Avenue). They have a "Pho Challenge" which is basically a humongous bowl of pho (2lbs of meat, 2lbs of noodles) that you have to finish within an hour. It costs $22, but if you can finish, you don't have to pay. I eat a lot and I still couldn't finish it all. I will eventually get my picture up on the wall!

"Oh crap..."

Look how big the bowl is compared to my head!

"So...full..." I felt sick!

R.I.P. Michael Jackson


I heard this song on the radio a couple days after MJ passed away. This song is the shit! R.I.P. Mike Jackson

Fanime 2009

| 0 comments | Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'ma post a quick post cuz I lagged like a mofo to post up pix of our Fanime costumes. So here they are!

Here's a little video of us too!

I'm selling my Pyramid Head helmet and making a new one if anyone's interested! Instead of cardboard, I'm making it out of foamboard.

Sword? Check.

| 0 comments | Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm gunna make this a very short post cuz I gotta go to sleep. But I just wanted to show everybody my 6 feet long sword, a.k.a. Pyramid Head's Great Knife. It's actually pretty heavy cuz I put alotta cardboard in there for reinforcement.

Here is Elisa's weapon: a bloody pipe.

After I get off work tomorrow, I'm gunna dirty up my apron and then I'm ready to go! Fanime, here we come!

Almost done...

| 0 comments | Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fanime is this weekend, and me and Elisa are going this Sunday. That means my costume has to be finished by then! I'm basically done with my helmet...I just gotta change out the black cloth that's covering the eye holes cuz I can barely see anything! I'll probably use large women's black stockings =P I just primers the sword today and I'ma paint the sword tomorrow. My mom's gunna help me with the apron tomorrow as well. I gotta alotta work to do! On top of that, I gotta finish a final project for school by next week.

Anyways, here's the pix of what I got so far.

The Great Knife is 6 feet long! I was originally gunna make it 7 feet, but that's way too long. Gunna paint it tomorrow and see how that goes. I'll paint the blood on there once I figure out how to paint good-looking blood. Check back for updates!

A typical Friday night

| 0 comments | Friday, April 17, 2009

So it's Friday night, alotta people are probably out partying, but I'm just chillin' at home cuz I have work at 7AM. I don't really mind cuz I'm used to it though...I'm not really the partying type anyways. Maybe once in a while. I'd rather just be in the comfort of my home, surf the net, and play video games...

Oh, I finally got my S13's fog lights working. Not bad at all for Walmart fog lights, huh? =P HIDs and yellow fog lights...not a bad combination!

For those who didn't already know, the USPS is coming out with The Simpsons stamps on May 7th. Go pre-order yours today! I pre-ordered those, and plus a framed art collectible of the stamps too!

I've been looking around for a new belt lately, and I came across this one that I had to have! Isn't it hella sick!

*yawn* I'm tired, so I'ma finish watching Slumdog Millionaire, then hit the hay. Night people!