My 23rd birthday (Halloween)

| 2 comments | Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I hope ya'll had a fun and safe Halloween! I sure had a great 23rd birthday! I started off the day by going out with my family to eat @ Moonstar for lunch. We hardly get to go out and eat as a family, so this meant a lot to me, especially because my grandma got to come along as well.

No joke, my grandma sneaks alcohol EVERYWHERE we eat! She moved back to my house 2 weeks ago and almost finished the whole bottle of herself! That's a lot, especially for being 94 years old!

Then I just kicked back with my lil bro until it was time to meet up Elisa and take her cousins trick-or-treating. Nikki wanted to be a zombie this year, so here is the end result:

I liked last year's costume better though...

We even took Mariel trick-or-treating for the first time! Isn't she cute?!

We took them to Walgreens so Elisa's co-workers could see their costumes. Then we took them to Stonestown to do a little trick-or-treating, but I guess we were a little late because everybody was out of candy! So we headed over to St. Francis Woods (the rich neighborhood) and hunted for candy over there.

After trick-or-treating, we took the kids back home and I waited on a couple friends. We were going to a couple clubs (costume party, of course!) in downtown Frisco. I dressed up as a Jabbawockee (which Elisa claims isn't a costume, but people liked it!). The clubs were pretty crackin', alotta creativity in there! My friends dressed up as a cowboy and cowgirl! =P

It was a looooong night and didn't get home until 4AM. The following day, I had a small little get together for dinner with some close friends (A LOT of people couldn't make it).

I told those two that if they didn't know what to get me for my birthday, just to get me anything that had to do with The Simpsons. LOL so here's their "joke" present:

A friggin' Jessica Simpson CD and OJ Simpson book! Hahaha...those bastards...nah, but they actually got me a Simpsons DVD, a Simpsons series 10, and Simpsons poster book.

Here's another one of my close homeboys I met in high school and his girlfriend:

And last, but not least, me and Elisa:

And that concludes my birthday and Elisa were supposed to go get my ear pierced and her cartilage pierced, but she left her ATM card at dinner, so we had to pick it up the next day...BUT being a lounge, they didn't open until 6PM! We're going next week, so I'll blog more later. Peace out! =P