Holy Name c/o 2000 10 year reunion

| 0 comments | Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We had a Holy Name 10 year reunion this past weekend and I'll have to say that it was a great success! Thank you Tina for planning the party and Jade for hosting the party at your place!

We all definitely need to hang out again! I'm glad we all picked up where we left off! I say we have a reunion every year!

My springbreak

| 0 comments | Monday, March 29, 2010

So my springbreak has officially started and the weather is lookin' like shit. Well at least I have the week off of school AND work. I had to pull a bunch of strings just to get the week off of work. My only plans for this week are to install some racing seats in my car and finish sanding my Pyramid Head helmet since Fanime is only a couple months away (I can't wait!!!). Hopefully the weather clears up so I can work outside.

On the other hand, my Xbox still isn't working, but I have my friend's Xbox for the week, so I finally got to start Final Fantasy XIII. I put 8 hours in the first day and I'll have to say it's pretty good. The only thing I don't like about the game is that it's VERY straight forward. There's no exploration and discovering things. It's just Point A to Point B. The battle system is pretty fun though, I'll have to admit.

The music for FFXIII is pretty good too, and I especially like the main title theme. I love peaceful piano music. Here's a video of this guy, Jason Yang, who plays the piano, drums, and violin. He makes the main theme just that much better.

Playing the violin seems kinda fun and it's a beautiful sounding instrument, but I'd rather just stick with piano and get better at it. I wanna be good at one instrument instead of mediocre at two. Anyways, time to turn on the Xbox and play some FFXIII.

New rims for the S13!

| 0 comments | Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The project S13 now has rims! Now just to lower it and then I'm done modifying my daily driver...need to start saving up for a paint job for my Eclipse.

Kickin' off 2010

| 0 comments | Monday, January 18, 2010

This year has been off to a great start already! I got to celebrate New Year's Eve with some close friends, and then head to Lake Tahoe with them for the weekend.

This was the first time I snowboarded in 4 years, so I was definitely excited. Luckily, I didn't have to drive because I'd be too scared to drive in the snow, especially with my unintentional heavy foot. Instead of renting a hotel, we rented a cabin because we wanted more breathing space. Although it was $300 a night, it was worth it! It was like our own place with living rooms, dining room, bedrooms, full kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

We got there late afternoon on the first day, so we didn't do anything to crazy. We all decided to just go bowling. We also went shopping at Safeway for food for the cabin. For dinner, we had lasagna, salt & pepper chicken wings, and salad.

The following day, we woke up early in the morning, so we could have a full breakfast before a long day of snowboarding. For breakfast, we had eggs and Belgian waffles with a TON of fruit. I gotta admit, my friends sure make some good breakfast!

Our backyard was so beautiful, I couldn't help but take pictures of it.

We got to the resort, Diamond Peak, just as they opened, which was perfect timing if we wanted to beat all the crowds. We got all geared up and up the lift we go!

After a long 7 hours of snowboarding, we were exhausted. We didn't have anything planned for the next day, besides checking outta the cabin, so we all decided to go play in the snow and sled, since we didn't get to do much of that.

That was the end of Tahoe trip #1.

My other friend invited me along with her family to go to Tahoe the following week after, and of course I said "yes" because I wanted to snowboard again! This time, we had a bunch of people instead of just 4. We rented 3 rooms @ the Embassy Suites. It was a pretty nice hotel, mainly because they had a breakfast buffet. Every morning, I packed on a huge plate of food, mainly consisting of bacon, eggs, and sausages.

The main purpose of this trip was to celebrate my friend's baby's 2nd birthday.

I was nailing people with this giant "snowball".

Only a handful of us went snowboarding because some didn't want to snowboard. Instead, they all had a snowball fight and went sledding, so at least we didn't have to feel bad that we were having all the fun.

I great picture of me and Sheryl with Lake Tahoe in the background

Me and Sheryl @ 10,000+ feet in elevation and found a nice spot to take a picture.

Random dog mascot we happen to run into on the slopes.

So far, 2010 is kickin' off to a good start! I'm just trying to enjoy this last week of winter break before school starts back up next week.

Estimated graduation: Summer 2011

Labor Day weekend

| 0 comments | Sunday, September 13, 2009

It was nice to finally have a 3 day weekend for Labor Day (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday). That's why I don't mind having my day off on Tuesday cuz every time there's a holiday on Monday, I have a 3 day weekend. Elisa was in the mood for some sushi, so we hit up Sakana Bune in the Richmond district.

It's a typical sushi boat restaurant, and the prices are too bad.

One of the things we also wanted to do was check out the Asian Art Museum near City Hall cuz there was a Samurai exhibit.

We don't really have much pictures inside cuz photography was very limited and not allowed in the samurai section, so we didn't really bother to take pictures. There were tea ceremonies at certain times, but we missed it.

I've always driven by Beach Chalet but never tried it, so I thought it would be nice to end our 3 day weekend at a new restaurant.

The downstairs lobby is pretty neat cuz they have the history of Golden Gate Park and a little mini display of the whole park. The semi dim-lit ambiance is pretty nice for casual dining, and you get a GREAT view of the beach. Unfortunately, we went on a cloudy day, but wish we went on a sunny day so we could watch the sun set over the horizon.

We started off with an appetizer, the Ahi Tuna Tartare (sp?). It was delicious and the sauce was nice and creamy.

For the entree, I ordered the baby back ribs, which was pretty good. It had a nice tangy flavor covered in BBQ sauce, but the fries weren't all that and they gave me WAY too much coleslaw. I'm not particularly fond of coleslaw, but I'll still eat a little. One third of the plate of coleslaw is a bit much though.

My Elisa ordered the salmon, which was full of flavor and juicy. A lot of salmon that I've tried taste good, but was usually a bit dry. The only thing I didn't like about her plate was that the portion was hella small and would take 3 orders of that to fill me up. Thankfully, my girlfriend doesn't eat much and was enough to fill her up though.

So we ordered 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and 2 drinks...the bill came out to be $70 (tips included). That's a little pricier than I would have hoped for a casual dinner. All in all, it was a pretty good restaurant, nice waitresses, but too expensive for a casual dinner.

I definitely enjoyed my 3 day weekend, nothing crazy...just a relaxing weekend with the wifey. I can't wait for:


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it's also my birthday! The annual Spirit Halloween store is open and me and Elisa stepped in to browse around. I ended up buying a Chinese hat with the queue hair. I'm thinking about going to Chinatown and getting a kung fu outfit, or a silk robe. I really want to go as a Chinese hopping Vampire.

That robe might be pricey, and if it's outta my price range, I'm just gunna stick with the kung fu outfit instead. Elisa has a curfew and can't go out to the clubs or anything (not like she drinks anyways), but she saw a costume that she loves and had to buy it. It's basically the girl version of Willy Wonka. Can't wait! 48 more days 'til Halloween...