My springbreak

| | Monday, March 29, 2010

So my springbreak has officially started and the weather is lookin' like shit. Well at least I have the week off of school AND work. I had to pull a bunch of strings just to get the week off of work. My only plans for this week are to install some racing seats in my car and finish sanding my Pyramid Head helmet since Fanime is only a couple months away (I can't wait!!!). Hopefully the weather clears up so I can work outside.

On the other hand, my Xbox still isn't working, but I have my friend's Xbox for the week, so I finally got to start Final Fantasy XIII. I put 8 hours in the first day and I'll have to say it's pretty good. The only thing I don't like about the game is that it's VERY straight forward. There's no exploration and discovering things. It's just Point A to Point B. The battle system is pretty fun though, I'll have to admit.

The music for FFXIII is pretty good too, and I especially like the main title theme. I love peaceful piano music. Here's a video of this guy, Jason Yang, who plays the piano, drums, and violin. He makes the main theme just that much better.

Playing the violin seems kinda fun and it's a beautiful sounding instrument, but I'd rather just stick with piano and get better at it. I wanna be good at one instrument instead of mediocre at two. Anyways, time to turn on the Xbox and play some FFXIII.

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