Pyramid Head in progress

| 0 comments | Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Fanime isn't until the end of May, but it's better to get a head start, especially since my costume isn't all that easy to make from scratch (thankfully, there are tutorials though). So yesterday, me and Elisa went to Haight to look for some platform boots for me. Pyramid Head in the movie was wearing like 12 inch platforms, so I wanted to copy. I'm already 6'1", adding the helmet would make me about 7 feet tall. Then I'm gunna try and get 12 inch platforms so I can be around 8 feet tall! I wanna make people's jaws drop when they see my costume!

We then went to my work (FedEx) and got a huge piece of unbent cardboard. Although it may not look like that much work, I did spend a lot of time on this last night...with the hardest part to come. Well, here's what I got so far:

The next step is probably gunna be the hardest part of the costume. I have to glue the triangle pieces onto a hard hat, and it HAS TO BE PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL! It's gunna take a while...I'll be sure to post up pictures of it once I get the base of the Pyramid Head helmet done.

Love On a Diet

| 1 comments | Sunday, March 22, 2009

I dunno how many people watch Hong Kong movies, but there's a few that I really like. They're funny, romantic comedies with a cute ending and all that...kinda girly, but I like it! =P This past week, I showed Elisa "Love On a Diet" with Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. I thought I'd share it with everybody since it's just a good movie!

Sammi Cheng plays Mimi Mo, a young exchange student to Japan who met and fell in love with a pianist, Kurokawa. Kurokawa eventually leaves to study music in the US and returns to Japan as a famous musician. Meanwhile, Mimi has dealt with her depression by eating and weights over 300lbs and Kurokawa doesn’t recognize her. Mimi eventually meets Fatty (Andy Lau) who helps her lose the weight so she can fulfill her promise of meeting Kurokawa made 10 years earlier. But they fall in love...

You need to download ALL the parts and join them together with HJ Split.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Download DirectVobSub codec from Windows Media Player to watch the movie with the subtitles.

Preparing for Fanime

| 0 comments | Friday, March 6, 2009

So last week, there was a comic book convention, WonderCon, at Moscone Center. I kinda wanted to go, but then my co-worker told me about Fanime, a Japanese anime/manga convention. All of a sudden, I lost interest in WonderCon. I looked up pictures of Fanime and it seems like a big portion of the people that attend dress up in cosplay. Me and Elisa have been wanting to dress up as Silent Hill characters, so finally here's our chance! I'm going to go as Pyramid Head and Elisa's gunna dress up as the nurse. We're gunna make our own costumes, so I'm trying to get a head start, especially since my costume (mainly my helmet) is kinda complicated to make.

This a what Pyramid Head looks like (for those who don't already know):

And here's a picture of the nurse from Silent Hill:

Fanime is not until the end of May, but I wanna get a big head start just in case I run into some problems making my costume. I already got some cardboard for the helmet and cut out some triangles. I need to buy a glue gun and a few other things, but I'm gunna need a big-ass piece of cardboard for my sword. I actually found a big piece at work today, but it was soooo big, that I don't think I could possibly fit it in my car. I'm gunna make the Great Knife 6 feet long, but the tip of the handle to the tip of the blade. I also need platforms to make me look huge, preferably some 12 inch platforms or something. I'll post up pictures later of my costume in the making.

Anyways, I'ma finish up my fried rice, play a little bit of CoD (double-point weekend!) and hit the hay. Gotta be at work at 7am.