Pho Challenge

| 0 comments | Monday, June 29, 2009

So me and a couple of my friends thought we try this one pho restaurant (Pho Garden on Clement and 23rd Avenue). They have a "Pho Challenge" which is basically a humongous bowl of pho (2lbs of meat, 2lbs of noodles) that you have to finish within an hour. It costs $22, but if you can finish, you don't have to pay. I eat a lot and I still couldn't finish it all. I will eventually get my picture up on the wall!

"Oh crap..."

Look how big the bowl is compared to my head!

"So...full..." I felt sick!

R.I.P. Michael Jackson


I heard this song on the radio a couple days after MJ passed away. This song is the shit! R.I.P. Mike Jackson

Fanime 2009

| 0 comments | Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'ma post a quick post cuz I lagged like a mofo to post up pix of our Fanime costumes. So here they are!

Here's a little video of us too!

I'm selling my Pyramid Head helmet and making a new one if anyone's interested! Instead of cardboard, I'm making it out of foamboard.