Experimental cooking

| 0 comments | Monday, September 22, 2008

Me and Elisa decided to cook a little something today, so we chose Spicy Fettuccine Curry w/ Prawns & Mushrooms, and for dessert, Banana Cream pie. We liked every word in that title, so we had to try it. We started by going to the Pacific Super for as many of the ingredients as we could find (cuz it's cheaper). Then, whatever they didn't have there, we went to Lucky's to get.

We started by making the Banana Cream Pie first. We started with the crust and mashing the bananas up.

Now for the finishing touch, topping it off with bananas!

And here's our finishing product!

Now to start with the Spicy Fettuccine Curry w/ Prawns and Mushrooms, we peeled the shrimp shells and de-intestinalized (← I made up that word ^_^) them.

Elisa's good at pulling out the intestine in one long piece!

Then, Elisa chopped up the onions (and she's crying =P).

This little one is always eating!

Next step is to saute the garlic.

These are the spices that we added: Cayenne powder, Curry powder, and Ginger powder

Then add the mushrooms...

Here's Elisa breaking the Fettuccine noodles:

A little more sauteing...

In goes the cream...

And we're DONE!!!

...it was BOMB! Nice and spicy, but not too spicy! Mmm...I would hella make it again...

Like a kid on Christmas morning!

| 0 comments | Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ever since I've heard of the Simpsons series from KidRobot, I HAD to have it! So as soon as I could, I ordered a whole case (consisting of 24 boxes). Let's just say this...it wasn't cheap for a case of toys. I was actually supposed to get it yesterday, but I wasn't home so I woke up early and picked it up as soon as the Post Office opened this morning. I had to hold back and not open it till after class. I got 19/24, which isn't too bad. I did get a few doubles, but I was expecting that, of course. The one that is most valuable to me is Bumblebee Man! The chances of getting him are 1/96. Here's what I got:













I officially have 19/24 of them. I currently have:

3 Homer
2 Marge
3 Bart
1 Maggie
2 Lisa
1 Krusty
1 Fat Tony
1 Scratchy
1 Duffman
1 Smithers
1 Sideshow Bob
1 Chief Wiggum
1 Barney
1 Hippie Homer
1 Comic Book Guy
2 Mr. Burns
1 Bumblebee Man
1 Devil Flanders
1 Snake

If order for me to complete the set, I just need:

Apu (1/24)
Lucious Sweet (1/48)
Mr. Teeny (?/??)
Funzo (1/96)
Itchy (1/48)

I'm currently selling:

2 Homer
2 Bart
1 Marge
1 Lisa
1 Mr. Burns