Sword? Check.

| 0 comments | Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm gunna make this a very short post cuz I gotta go to sleep. But I just wanted to show everybody my 6 feet long sword, a.k.a. Pyramid Head's Great Knife. It's actually pretty heavy cuz I put alotta cardboard in there for reinforcement.

Here is Elisa's weapon: a bloody pipe.

After I get off work tomorrow, I'm gunna dirty up my apron and then I'm ready to go! Fanime, here we come!

Almost done...

| 0 comments | Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fanime is this weekend, and me and Elisa are going this Sunday. That means my costume has to be finished by then! I'm basically done with my helmet...I just gotta change out the black cloth that's covering the eye holes cuz I can barely see anything! I'll probably use large women's black stockings =P I just primers the sword today and I'ma paint the sword tomorrow. My mom's gunna help me with the apron tomorrow as well. I gotta alotta work to do! On top of that, I gotta finish a final project for school by next week.

Anyways, here's the pix of what I got so far.

The Great Knife is 6 feet long! I was originally gunna make it 7 feet, but that's way too long. Gunna paint it tomorrow and see how that goes. I'll paint the blood on there once I figure out how to paint good-looking blood. Check back for updates!